A nice way to dry off your buddy

Because we know that drying your dog or cat can be complicated, exhausting and can turn very quickly sour. We have created for you a 2-in-1 accessory that combines both the advantages of a brush and a dryer to make your life as easy as possible

We present to you: the DryPet ™

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Discover the DryPet ™

Because we love our small friend

Dogs and cats are our life companions and are dear beings in our eyes and our hearts, the offer us good times, tenderness, faithfulness and affectionate.

Their daily presence is truly pleasant and often essential.

To honor this powerful bond that we share, we have made the DryPet ™ to take care of them.


Find out what our customers are saying about the DryPet ™.

I love this DryPet ! I told all my friends about it ! It does not heat up too much and the air flow is not too strong ! Every dog owener should have one !
Very easy to clean, not noisy at all, I had no problem drying my dog ​​after his bath with this, I am pleased with this product, and my dog too.

OMG !!!! I was skeptical at first but the heat was at a perfect level and the brush has little balls at the tips, it didn’t pull the hair.
I LOVE IT !!!!

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